Duties of the PVA and the PVA Office

The Jessamine County PVA is a locally elected official who is responsible for the management of the PVA Office and with assessing all Real Property within the entire county, which is taxable. All property is to be assessed at 100% Fair Cash Value as of January 1st of each tax year. Fair Cash Value is defined as the price between a willing seller and a willing buyer, with neither party under duress. All property, unless specifically exempt by the Kentucky Constitution, is taxable. These exempted properties are valued by the Kentucky Department of Revenue in Frankfort. They can include: public service companies, omitted tangible property, motor vehicles, boats, campers, and trailers. Other continuing duties of the PVA and the PVA Office consists of, but are not limited to, keeping track of deed transfers, updating GIS maps and parcel boundaries, making changes to property characteristics when needed, maintaining building permits received through the city and county planning offices each month, handling exemptions for individuals, and other eligible property exemptions for churches/government/non-profit organizations. The PVA or his Office may make value adjustments to automobiles, recreational vehicles, and watercrafts for the purpose of high mileage or for cost to repair damage incurred within the tax year. The Kentucky Department of Revenue provides other standardized values for these vehicles. Responsibilities also include, listing assessments of all tangible personal property as of January 1st of each year. Tangible returns must be filed annually by May 15th. Returns postmarked after May 15th are forwarded for billing purposes to the Kentucky Department of Revenue, Office of Property Valuation. Statutory penalties of 10% for voluntary listings and 20% for involuntary listings will be applied to these forwarded bills.

The Jessamine County PVA and his Office does not:

  • Set Tax Rates
  • Send out Tax Bills
  • Collect any taxes